Mia’s Closet

Our inspiration: Every school year, there’s a child who can’t help but feel anxious about school starting. This child is embarrassed because they know school starting means getting teased for clothes that are too small and worn out. Worst of all, Mommy doesn’t have the money to buy new ones…Mia’s Closet hosts events and creates permanent boutique locations to do our part in fighting negative stigmas for the child described above.

Mia’s Closet Boutique Pop Up Store:

Clothing donations are used to stock the Mia’s Closet Boutique. The space is created by volunteers the day of the event. 


The day of the event:

Volunteer stylists will shop with our participants one on one to assist each girl with putting together tasteful outfits. The girls will receive positive messages such as encouragement to dress appropriately, good judgment online/public image,  the importance of self-esteem/confidence and a particular focus on the value of education and planning for the future.

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After // Current Location: Mia’s Closet & Niko’s Locker at Las Americas Middle School


2 thoughts on “Mia’s Closet

  1. Hi Ihave Jackets and clothes that beling to my kids that they dont wear i would like to donate it to you. I understand that you dont sell them i think that so awesome god bless. I would like to deliver please contact me 281 3350883

  2. Thank you so much for the generous offer! Feel free to deliver them at our most recent boutique location: Anytime Monday – Friday 8-5:00pm

    Las Américas Newcomer School

    6501 Bellaire Boulevard Houston, TX 77074-6428

    Phone: 713-773-5300
    Fax: 713-773-5303

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