Mia’s Closet Presents The Las Americas After School Carnival!!

On Friday, March 30th, Mia’s Closet teamed up with Las Americas Middle School and Kaleidoscope Charter School, NHPO -National Hispanic Professional Organization Leadership Institute, Niko’s Locker, PAIR -Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees, TSU Student Government Association, The UNO Project 2050, and Kachi Designs to present The Mia’s Closet After School Carnival! It was the most incredible experience. Las Americas and Kaleidoscope serve as a relief campus for HISD. Their students are non-native speakers and refugees. They represent over 32 different countries and over 20 different languages. We had the privilege of visiting classrooms on a few occasions prior to the event and the loving environment they have created for their students is one of a kind!

Event Photos



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