Mia’s Closet is looking for PR/Social Media Interns!

Intern fall 2014 back to school

Mia’s Closet Internships -Houston

Hi there!
My name is Chelsea Coffey and I am the executive director of the 501 (c)3 nonprofit Mia’s Closet. Our organization is excited to announce that we will be looking for 2 interns (PR & Social Media) for the fall semester:

The PR intern will develop mutual trust and build a courteous, respectful and compassionate environment with our volunteers, organizational leaders and clients. This person will be a brand ambassador for the organization, so it’s imperative that the person is a dedicated supporter of Mia’s Closet’s mission and vision to build confidence and self-worth in kids k-12.  


  • Prepare press releases, create newsletters, monitor email
  • Schedule appointments and meetings
  • Support Board members with paperwork & documentation
  • Implement pick up/drop off of clothing donation sites (businesses, partner organizations, etc.)
  • Attend local events to build relationships
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with other agencies

The social media person will need to be comfortable navigating through the major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hoot Suite, Tumblr, etc. They will be managing Mia’s Closet social media accounts an occasional blog postings on miascloset.org. This person will build relationships through other social media accounts to spread the word about Mia’s Closet, as well as, discover different ways via social media to connect and collaborate with other nonprofits, groups, individuals, and so on. 
  • Both the pr & social media interns will be privy to confidential and sensitive information, and uphold and adhere to the organization code of ethics and maintain confidentiality at all times. 
  • Candidate will need to be knowledgeable of mission, vision, and goals of organization in order to collaborate with partners, clients, and staff members as our  advocate
  • Attend Mia’s Closet events, networking events, and work as ambassador for the organization
  • We are currently looking for the following degree seeking candidates: Education, Psychology, Communication, Sociology, Fashion and Consumer Science majors  
  • All candidates must possess an enthusiastic demeanor, flexible and adaptable attitude, strong organizational skills, a desire to be cross-trained in other aspects of the organization and a cheerful personality that enjoys working with others.
  •  Professional oral and written communication skills are a must, along with proficiency in basic computer software
I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to gain an extensive background in both pr and social media management, so I’m so looking forward to imparting my knowledge of the industry to our future interns!
Email me at miasclosethouston@gmail.com if you’d like more information about either position. Please include your resume, social media handle and writing sample. Looking forward to serving with you!
Best regards, Chelsea Coffey


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